Each season, we release the Objets Trouvé / Found Objects capsule collection featuring 1:1 limited edition pieces. All found materials incorporated into these pieces are hand selected and curated by the design team. The materials we select are often discarded, no longer appreciated, lost in time, void and forgotten. The creative recollection of this past gives birth to the new form and it’s overall meaning.

All scraps from the neckline, sleeves, armholes and cutouts are curated and repurposed for the garment’s pocket treatments and garment embellishments. What was once unwanted becomes wanted.  

This is our way of less is more.



Garment bags protect our garments. We question the relationship between the garment and the garment bag. If the garment bag’s purpose is to protect the garment, why not protect the wearer of the garment as well? 3 ordinary black and white vinyl garment bags were used to create this outerwear concept with zero waste in mind. All remaining scraps were used to create pockets and furnish the design details throughout. The ordinary becomes extraordinary.



We love aprons because aprons represent the working people. Aprons protect people that are working for others. The apron doesn’t indicate gender, age or nationality. It is practicality, while showcasing artisanal skills. We worked with this every day ordinary object to create something extraordinary with sustainability in mind. The material from a second hand men’s suit jacket was taken apart and reconsidered into an apron. Every piece was used in respect to the original. Nothing was altered. We opened every seam and brought new meaning to an unwanted garment. The unwanted becomes wanted.